Thank you everyone!

What an incredible day! The 8th Annual Alley Health Fair is complete, and the sun was shining!
So many people to thank… WATARI and the food service team for preparing and serving a delicious meal, the VCC nursing volunteers,the DTES Street Market set-up team, all of the organizations that came with so much generosity, the musicians, the hair stylists, on and on. We are grateful for this community in all its beauty, chaos, magic, grief and love.

Nice work Carnegie Library for taking the lead, and all the Steering Committee members.



Foodbank friends!

It’s one day before the Alley Health Fair, and we just wanted to give a special “shout out” to the Greater Vancouver Foodbank!

They have gone above and beyond with their donation and generosity, and we’ve just got word that they are offering an additional giveaway table with fresh fruits and vegetables tomorrow, as well as water, supplies, and more.

Please check out their facebook page, and show some appreciation:

Thank you so much!




Welcome Ceremony & Music

This year, we are so pleased to have Kyla Epstein (VPL Trustee), Melanie Mark (MLA), and First Nations Elder Eugene Harry launch the 8th Annual Alley Health Fair at 11am.

The welcome announcement will be followed by music.  This year our line-up includes John Sam’s Drumming circle, Alfredo, Heidi Morgan, Chris Lemky, the All Nations Sisterhood Drumming circle, and a closing song by VPL’s Aboriginal Storyteller in Residence – Renae Morriseau.



Eye glasses – bring your prescriptions!

Do you need prescription glasses?dogs glasses

Clearly Vision will be at this year’s Alley Health Fair

They will provide sunglasses, ready-made readers, and sample frames for those who have brought their prescriptions.

  • Eye exams may be subsidized for those on income assistance, those under 18 and over 65.

Pender Community Eye Care (88 West Pender) can provide prescriptions in advance.

After the event, your completed glasses will be available and waiting at the Carnegie Library in one month.

Clearly logo


Remembering Street Nurse, Liz James

Last January 10, 2016 one of the founding forces behind the Street Nurses BCCDC Outreach team and pioneer of the “Alley Health Fair”, Liz James passed away. Liz is deeply missed, and in honour of her life and the work she has done for our community please consider dropping by the Gallery Gachet Art Cart at the Alley Health Fair. There will be an opportunity to contribute your memories of Liz into a scrapbook, and pursue a creative collaborative project, if interested. Liz was a street nurse since 1975.

Please take a look at this review of the documentary “Bevel Up,” which Liz was featured in, and the good work the street nurses provide. Rest in Peace.

Liz James