60 days left!

You may have seen the countdown from our newly renovated website that there are just under 60 days (aka less than 2 months) left until our 10th Anniversary edition of the DTES Alley Health Fair!

There’s still a few days for any organizations to collaborate with us for the event. Join over 40+ of our community partners in standing “Together for Health” on September 25th, 2018.

Send us an application!




With just under two weeks to go until Tuesday September 19th, the Steering Committee is hammering out the details. A reminder to service providers to be on the 400 block of Columbia street and set-up before show time (11am). You will receive the site map a few days in advance to get a sense of where your table is.

Lunch will be served by WATARI, and music includes Culture Saves Lives drumming with John Sam, Alfredo!, the All Nations Sisterhood drumming from WISH, and the Harbourlight Choir.

See you there!



Register for September 19th!

A reminder that the DTES Alley Health Fair is happening on Tuesday September 19th on the 400 Block of Columbia street (between Hastings & Pender).

The event happens from 11am until 3pm.

If your organization is interested, please register today and anticipate a response from our lead coordinators Carol White (of DTES Neighbourhood House) or Caroline Brunt (of VCC Nursing) very soon, as summer programs and holidays wind down. Thank you!


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New Date and Lead Coordinators

The Steering Committee met last month and we are pleased to announce that the co-ordinating duties will be shared by VCC Nursing Instructor and original Street Nurse, Caroline Brunt (featured in “Bevel Up“), and Carol White, Director of the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House.

We are currently applying for permits to host the Alley Health Fair on Tuesday, September 19th on the 400 Block of Columbia street, the location these past two years.

Please check the application page, which will go “Live” when we receive approval!



September Beckons!

Traditionally, at least for the first six years of the Alley Health Fair we hosted our event in September, with two years in April. After some delays in our funding, we’ve decided to return to September for 2017.

As well, we should mention that the Vancouver Coastal Health has stepped up to help fund the event, and Carol White of the DTES Neighbourhood House is organizing our Steering Committee meetings.Thank you both for your commitment to this event!

We still need to raise funds to provide an honorarium for an “Event Co-ordinator” position. ¬†If any organization would like to donate or join the Steering Committee, please connect with Carol: carolw@dtesnhouse.ca

September vancouver


A New Leaf

Happy New Year everyone! For the Alley Health Fair, the year 2017 brings change. VPL will no longer be the lead co-ordinator of the event, as the DTES focus is being directed towards the new branch, opening in the Spring of 2017 at Hastings & Heatley!

As a result, we are pitching the event to local organizations, in particular health groups to take on the responsibilities of planning, hosting and fundraising. This transition time may mean that the event will look a bit differently this year, as we faced struggles with various permits last year behind the scenes. And yet, we are keen to address the health crisis in the neighbourhood being overdose, and the residual effects of grief and loss for our community.

Thank you everyone for your patience, and we’ll keep you posted!



Harm Reduction – Naloxone

A quick reminder that there’s a harm reduction map tool via the “Toward the Heart” website to find supplies and help for both administering naloxone and acquiring naloxone kits, as well as other supplies like needles and safer sex products.

For more information, Vancouver Coastal Health and their work in the Downtown Eastside is featured in the website called “DTES Second Generation Health.” They also provide a search tool for local health services.



Thank you everyone!

What an incredible day! The 8th Annual Alley Health Fair is complete, and the sun was shining!
So many people to thank… WATARI and the food service team for preparing and serving a delicious meal, the VCC nursing volunteers,the DTES Street Market set-up team, all of the organizations that came with so much generosity, the musicians, the hair stylists, on and on. We are grateful for this community in all its beauty, chaos, magic, grief and love.

Nice work Carnegie Library for taking the lead, and all the Steering Committee members.