What is the Alley Health Fair?

The Alley Health Fair was established in 2008 by community organizations,  in particular the Street Nurses and the Carnegie Library, to offer health services first-hand in Vancouver’s DTES.

When is it?
Tuesday before cheque day in September, with two years in April due to construction

Where is it?

Traditionally it was held on the 100 block of East Hastings and in the alley beside the Carnegie Centre. Changes happened in 2015 due to renovations on the Regent Hotel, our neighbour sharing the Alley. And now, the 400 block of Columbia street at Hastings has been the site for the last few years.

Why Alley Health Fair?

To promote health and wellness in Vancouver’s DTES. To connect the community with opportunities available from service providers from health, housing to employment. Plus, it is a street festival to celebrate being together and enjoy a good meal!

Who Comes to the Fair?

People who live in Vancouver’s DTES, service providers and volunteers.

How Many People do You Serve?

Approximately 3500 people come to the street event, and 1100 – 1200 stay for lunch.

How can I get involved?

If you are connected to an organization in the DTES that provides Health & Wellness Services and want to participate, please fill in an application form and  / or send us an email: alleyhealthfair@gmail.com

Who funds you?

We are grateful for the funding of the City of Vancouver – Homelessness Action Week, Vancouver Coastal Health, the Food Bank, neighbouring businesses, and all the service providers who participate in the fair.

We are also grateful for the many previous years of financial support from the Vancouver Public Library.



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